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We wanted to create a gentle and calm bedroom suite but at the same time emphasize light and make the space feel uplifting to offset the that fact this is on the lower ground floor. The bay window is a very important focal point but also needs discretion because of the drive outside, we have therefore suggested floor to ceiling high quality fine sheer voiles from Chivasso (Sophie CA 7664/070 £43.33 + vat per metre) which will soften the room without obscuring the outside completely.

The Blendworth French pleated floor length curtains are also a priority for warmth, sound insulation and black-out at night (Blendworth Hollywood 006). They have a satin finish and add a sophisticated, restrained glamour to the room. The wall behind the bed has been framed to create a large headboard wallpapered in Sanderson’s Palladio Sunflower in Clay (Dviwpa 106). This adds height to the somewhat low ceiling and a dramatic view as the door to the room opens. It also tricks the eye into thinking that the bed takes up less space to create a neat footprint.

We are suggesting that the ceiling is too low for a pendant light overhead so two elegant glass spheres hang either side of the bed above the bedside tables. Elsewhere, a high quality table lamp and floor lamp near the chair offer illumination. The carpet is a 100% wool weave from Blenheim Carpets in Chelsea in a shaded off-white to make the floor feel spacious, light and tranquil (Scenic in Colour 11 £32.50 + vat pm sq).

The dark rosewood of the chest of drawers and bedside tables offset the leather bed and add a modern touch whilst keeping classic proportions. They are also practical for storage and surface area (both Brazil from Finishing touches include the picture lights above the artwork opposite the bed and bespoke credenza are framed by the panelled wall. This neatly divides the wall in three and provides a surface for optional technology.

The restored coal shoot has become more of a feature by installing a frameless piece of glass at the entrance and lighting it from within. This provides a much needed joining point from the change of floor surface and emphasizes the shaft of light in a clean and polished manner.

The Dressing Room is a very quirky area and tight on space. We have divided it into hanging and cubby holes to maximize storage as well as putting in a small dressing table located by the window surrounded in mirror finish. This will make the space feel bigger and more glamourous by reflecting light and finishes.

Both rooms are painted using Farrow & Ball’s Joa’s White and Old White and the Sanderson Sunflower wallpaper is playfully re-used in an ivory colourway this time to create a dramatic background for the dressing room.